Fastest women to 2,000 T20I runs

# Player Innings Balls faced Date
1st SR Taylor (WI) 68 * 16/03/2016
2nd MM Lanning (AUS) 72 1717 28/03/2018
3rd CM Edwards (ENG) 73 1855 28/03/2014
4th SJ Taylor (ENG) 74 1809 21/02/2016
5th SW Bates (NZ) 78 1877 18/03/2016
6th DJS Dottin (WI) 96 * 20/03/2018

Last updated 28/03/2018.

*Stafanie Taylor & Deandra Dottin played in the 3rd T20I between West Indies and India at Roseau on 22nd February 2012. For some reason, the available scorecards for this game have no balls faced, boundary data, etc, so an accurate BF count for their careers can’t be reached.

In terms of balls faced, Dottin is undoubtedly the fastest woman to 2,000 T20I runs (she only scored 16 in the match at Roseau, and scored 1,990 runs off 1578 balls in the 95 innings for which there is balls faced data available).